Personal trainer in Utrecht city

Train while having fun

Are you looking for a personal trainer in Utrecht city? Is your most important objective to become physically fitter and maybe more in general to live a healthier life?  In that case it could well be that Bij Bart Coaching and Training is the right place for you. I always aim for making the training sessions enjoyable, but still with a strong focus on reaching your goals, whatever they are.

I am a NASM certified personal trainer (NASM is de number one personal trainer education in the USA). Next to that I am a   ‘NASM Senior (55+) Fitness Specialist’. But if you are in another age category you are most welcome as well!

Achievable goals

Whatever kind of training we choose, it’s important to strive for achievable goals. Every week a little step forward is what we are aiming for. But everyone sometimes has an off day. In that case we don’t push it, but we just wait and see if you make the step forward the next time. Consistency of training is what counts, and also knowing when you can push hard and when you can’t!

Fitness tests

The first training, and from then on every 12 weeks, we will do some tests and measurements. I will do speed test, a few (submaximal) strength tests and an endurance test. Your profile determines wich tests I pick exactly. That way you get good insights in the development you are going through. I will use the knowledge we obtain from those tests to tune the training program.

Locations in Utrecht, De Bilt en Huizen

My personal training sessions mostly take place outdoors, online or in customers’ homes. Outdoor locations are in the public space, notably in parks in Utrecht, De Bilt and Huizen.  The gardens of the building where my office is located in Utrecht are also a great location for outdoor training sessions. Starting from October 1 there will the possibility to train indoor in a fitness studio near my office at the Europalaan 2 in Utrecht. Check my locations here.

If you would like to train at a location beyond 10 km of one of my practices , I calculate €0,50 per kilometer travel expenses .